Borna Fanavaran Rayka

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The digital revolution has transformed the advertising industry as well as many others. The resulting developments have also led to the emergence of a new generation of advertising platforms that provide businesses with creative and targeted digital advertising solutions, using business intelligence together with technological tools of the digital era. Definition "Borna Fanavarane Rayka" is a pioneer digital marketing company representing "Rayka Mobile and Internet Advertising Platform" with a solid background in running performance-based mobile advertising campaigns and an undeniable role in promoting online businesses in the country. Mission, vision and values • our mission is to provide businesses with the expertise and transparency needed to enjoy solid growth through professional digital marketing campaign design and implementation. • Rayka's vision is nothing but becoming the leading platform for Iranian mobile and internet advertising scene and being among the top global brands in the field. • Sense of purpose, data-driven performance, strategic vision, effectiveness, stability, sustained support, and solid growth are among those values Rayka's philosophy rests on. Approach Rayka team takes advantage of every possible opportunity to provide businesses with the growth they need. This approach makes Rayka a strong supporter and a sympathetic partner for both advertisers and publishers.

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