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Boghche is a startup company operating in the field of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in Tehran. We believe in the fact that we can improve people's lives quality and that's why we do our best. The young team is consisting of passionate elites and intelligents, working together to keep peace with each other's personal believes and differences in the pursuit of their great goals. In general, the work is full of strange and good things and gives us tremendous experiences and pleasure to our colleagues. Since 1394, we started our work in one of Tehran's basements. We quickly grew and we were able to realize the dream of buying bread online for the first time and make many people happy! We also managed to add the venture company (VC), Rahnema-VC, as a partner to our team. Now it has an internal team of technicians, marketers, operations, and more. It has an operational team including city purchasing officers and its supplier partners.

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