Alborz Chemie Asia Co. was founded in 2008. In 2011, the company started its mass production line for the new generation of concrete superplasticizers based on polycarboxylate ether in the Middle East and since 2013 has started to export its products. Backed by a six-year ongoing and unstoppable study, Alborz Chemie Asia Co has already resolved many specialized needs of its domestic and foreign customers in the field of concrete admixtures. Alborz Chemie Asia Co production process is under the supervision of experienced professionals and it is equipped with the most recent equipments to manufacture high quality products and a more competitive price compared with similar products. The research and development team of Alborz Chemie Asia Co. is always trying to keep the production line update to date by maintaining its communication with the most reputable universities and scientific centers in Iran and other countries, and also ensuring the quality of its products and their efficiency by doing precise studies and measurements. Alborz Chemie Asia Co. has the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran certificate and is always looking to use the newest technology to make products with a higher quality.




10-49 employees



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