About Peykasa

Peykasa, is an innovative software company, which has more than 14 years of experience in utilizing the edge-of-technology methods in developing a group of IT and web-based products. The company is ready to cooperate with clients to develop their own services and solutions.
We believe that the use of scientific and technical young people and relying on the power of local experts in the development of new technologies is the only way to achieve the noble objectives of the country. Keep up to date features and capabilities of the company, providing professional services to stakeholders, improving technical knowledge and research experts in the field of cybersecurity is one of the main strategies of the company.

The group's main asset is its high qualified human resource including the technical engineers with expertise and experience in design, implementation, test, and maintenance of software. Development process including the agile methodology, object-orientation in different stages of the software development, J2EE advantages, advanced unit testing, quality assurance, and distribution.

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