About Petro Sanat Kabir (PSK)

Petro Sanat Kabir (PSK), was established in response to a rising demand for numerous services in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Our talented people with the supervision of our experienced managers assist us to drive our business forward. They apply their diverse skills and expertise to deliver complex projects across all areas of our business. We apply our capabilities of advanced technology, and proven expertise across our operations and projects to help us deliver against our strategic priorities in ways that we believe set us apart from our peers, which will eventually culminate in customer satisfaction.
The majority of our abilities include provide commodities, spare parts and relevant chemical materials.
As a consequence of being a vision-oriented enterprise, and by means of determination of our priorities, quality portfolio and distinctive capabilities, we have been able to create value for our investors during our cooperation.
As an international company, we have active branches throughout the world, especially Europe, Asia and Middle East. Hence, these branches enable us to deliver our services from our customers’ desired continent to all over the universe.

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