About Persian Standard

Persian is one of the largest and fastest growing manufacturer of whirlpool & shower cabin in Iran. All of our products are built with the best materials and technology, such as laminates, electronics, insulation, cabinetry, assembly and quality assurance, to produce a product that is comfortable and reliable. Our sales network extends to more than 150 sales representative showrooms &offices throughout Iran and beyond. For the past decade or so, we have participated in various national and international expeditions, which have made us to come up with flying colors. As of three years ago, we have exported our products to the neighboring countries.

We have the brand name of Persian and with experiences since year 2000 , in production. Our products are among the most trustable and high quality products in the market.
We employ more than 60 employees in our factory and central office.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Sales Expert Tehran, Iran 01 Jul 2017
2 .   Marketing Expert Tehran, Iran 01 Jul 2017
3 .   Export Expert Tehran, Iran 01 Jul 2017

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