About Golrang Industrial Group (GIG)

Golrang Industrial Group (GIG) is a leading holding company which consists of about 70 companies with over 13000 employees working in several areas of business including detergent products, marketing and retailing, Sales, IT, Food, chain stores, industrial facilities, construction and etc. Some well-known GIG brands include Golrang, Ave, Softlan, Active, Home plus, Oila, Renex, Biodent, Merci, Bingo, Honda, Ofogh Kourosh chain stores and etc.

Current Vacancies

1 .   CRM Supervisor Tehran, Iran 20 Feb 2017
2 .   Senior Business Analyst Tehran, Iran 05 Feb 2017
3 .   System Analyst Tehran, Iran 05 Feb 2017
4 .   Digital Marketing Supervisor Tehran, Iran 15 Jan 2017
5 .   Software Developer Tehran, Iran 15 Jan 2017

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