About Tehran Bouran

Tehran Bouran Co. was founded in 1989 as the exclusive distributor of Gillette products. After P&G acquired Gillette Company, TB became the exclusive distributor of Procter and Gamble portfolio. TB is a distribution company with the experience of working with some of the best multinational principles worldwide such as P&G, Miele, Kenwood, Braun, Bahlsen, Kellogg's and Duracell.

At TB, we believe that team work and enthusiasm are the two key elements of success. People around the world, trust in brands as well as the quality of our variety of products. We aim to provide best-in-class brands to the Iranian consumers to improve their quality of life.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Head Of Supply Chain Planning Tehran, Iran 14 Jun 2017
2 .   Head Of Distribution And Warehouse Tehran, Iran 13 Jun 2017
3 .   Medical Representative Tehran, Iran 31 May 2017
4 .   Medical Representative Supervisor Tehran, Iran 31 May 2017
5 .   Senior Sales Accountant Tehran, Iran 30 May 2017
6 .   Brand Manager Tehran, Iran 03 May 2017

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