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Holding Planning Manager

Baraka (Rezvan Chocolate) Tehran

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Job Description

Identify the processes of the organization and determine its monitoring and measurement indicators Suggest improvement solutions to CEO management for the effectiveness of the management system Receiving customer orders from the sales unit and continuous communication with the sales manager to plan production and product delivery to the customer Production planning and raw materials and monitoring its implementation Determine the order point of raw materials and notify the warehouse or purchase unit. Supervision and cooperation in periodic shipments. Review the status of achievement of goals and programs related to the unit on a continuous basis through the received reports. Identify risks and opportunities related to production planning and raw materials and try to control them Collaboration in compiling the raw material list of BOM products Collaboration in timing manufactured products Capacity measurement of machines and production lines Investigate the current situation of machinery location and material flow and cooperate in optimizing it Pursue corrective or preventive action to eliminate actual or potential non-compliance Monitor and measure processes related to planning and production and take action to improve. Continuous communication with the production manager regarding the realization of the production plan Continuous communication with the warehouse manager and purchasing regarding raw material planning Examining production reports and analyzing the reasons for deviation from the production plan Investigation of raw material inventory reports and the amount of deviation from the inventory required to deliver the product to the customer in a timely manner Coordinate with the maintenance unit to include planning repairs in production planning Continuous monitoring of raw material inventory and entry and exit of goods from the warehouse. Identify the training program required by employees. Report to the CEO regarding the realization of the production plan and the reasons for deviating from the plans. Analysis of information and results of monitoring and measuring the planning process.


Conditions for obtaining the job of planning manager Education: Industries Minimum Engineering Bachelor / Engineering Fields Factory history: At least 10 years Work experience: At least 10 years Required training: ISO 9001 training course ISO 9001 Internal Audit Course Familiarity with advanced Excel Familiarity with products and raw materials Familiarity with maintenance and repairs Familiarity with production planning Familiarity with inventory control Familiarity with project control software in organizations that have project products and services. Preferably have courses Principles of Food Safety (Food Industry) SFBB International Food (Food Industry) IFS HACCP Food Health Management System (Food Industry) Optimal conditions of GMP infrastructure (food industry) Optimal agricultural operations (food industry) GAP Irradiation process (food industry) ISO 14470: 2011 Food health and safety control in caterers (food industry) ISO 22002: 2009 Food Hazard Control (Food Industry) HACCP Food safety management (food industry) ISO 22000: 2005

Job Categories

  • Project Planning & Controlling
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Marketing, Advertising, Market Research & Branding

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  • Full Time


  • Top Management / Director