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Office Assistant

Asam Tadbir Danesh

TehranPosted 15 hours ago Show Salary

Job Description

Job Description The Secretary is responsible for coordinating the daily plans of his/ her superior manager with the internal and external customers of the company and answering to the client. (Internal customers are the various units or departments of the organization with which your manager is in contact, and external customers are the organizations or customers that your manager is in contact with, such as customers, contractors, related government agencies, and so on.) The Secretary plays a key role in the success of the manager in achieving organizational goals. The first point of contact of outsiders with the company is the person in charge of the office. How the office manager behaves and interacts with the client and the client has an effective role in creating a beautiful image of the company in the minds of others.


Skills required: -General skills: -Top PR (Public Relations) -high self-confidence -responsibility -stress management -Creativity -Time Management -Mastery of doing things at the same time Special skills: -Mastery of Office software -familiarity with the English language -Ability to do administrative correspondence -Familiarity with Persian and English typing -Ability to report -The most important personal characteristics of the job in charge of the office: -Excellent public relations -Be nice and respectful -Continuous follow-up of activities until the achievement of results -Good memory and presence of mind -High patience -Confidentiality in administrative activities -Observance of work discipline and punctuality -Committed to performing the assigned activities with accuracy and quality

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  • Administration & Secretarial / Executive Assistant

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  • Full Time


  • Experienced professional