Web Front-End Developer

Web Front-End Developer

Job Description

• You will work closely with other Developers to make sure that the business requirements are realized as expected • Estimate engineering effort and plan implementation of software systems across multiple .business sectors • Review and provide feedback on code written by your team members • Utilize Agile Development concepts to help release working software that customers will actually use to make their work lives better • Update your job knowledge by researching state of the art tools; maintaining personal networks; participating in learning opportunities and attending remote training sessions • Take responsibility for timely completion of software tasks identifying alternative approaches or work-around when problems are encountered.


• Solid understanding of HTML and CSS3 • Strong background in Javascript and Typescript • Expertise in Angular4+ • Solid understanding of asynchrony, and concurrency control constructs such as Promises • Experience with CSS preprocessors such as Stylus, SASS/SCSS or LESS • Experience with bundlers and task runners such as Grunt, Gulp, and Webpack • Knowledge of NPM • Experience in developing cross-platform single-page applications • Experience with Responsive design • Experience in version control systems such as Git

This position is no longer available.

About Company

100-499 employees

Asan Pardakht Persian with brand name of Persian Switch started its job from April 2009 as the first private PSP (Payment Service Provider) in Iran. Persian Switch has been remarkably successful in presenting a wide range of efficient and effective electronic payment services in 25 provinces. Persian Switch clients form a big family of one million users of services on pos terminals that get their mobile Air time, pay their bills, and register in entrance tests of universities and many other services. Persian Switch also active in producing magnetic cards, banking kiosks and banking switches software to provide easy and secure payment for its customers.

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