Web Developer

خيلي سبز


زمان انتشار ۲ ماه پیش

Job Description

There is a task on our team's board. Web Developer. Are you fit? We are looking forward to see you in our team.


● Fluent in C# or React and having at least 2 years of experience in the other one and Solid coding skills. ● Web API knowledge. ● Hands on SQL Server experience. ● Familiar with Micro services. ● Being enthusiastic to learn more about Database, UI/UX, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ● Being a problem solver and having an algorithmic mind. ● Being team player who is experienced in Git and Agile and have a passion for sharing their knowledge with other team members. Facilities and benefits: ● Loan. ● Health insurance. ● In-house Medical doctor. ● Occasional packages and gifts.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

Employment type

  • Full Time


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