Water & Wastewater Treatment Sales Engineer SafBon

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Posted 10 months ago

Job Description

Objective of the role: To Develop market initiatives, targeting end users and core consultants for the target markets, include strategies by region, market, and account base to promote the sales of the products. List of responsibilities: 1. Collect relevant marketing information & Develop market, 2. Direct client interface, actions and content. Monitor client requirements and direct responses allowing for substantive project progress. 3. Develop the potential customers of paper-making, petrochemical, food, breeding, and municipal industries and seawater desalination industries, etc. 4. Develop the sales of membrane products 5. Responsible for relevant payment follow up and customer service Reporting to: General Manager. Length of Probation Period: 3 months. Working hours: Saturday to Wednesdays 9:00 to 18:00. Travel requirements: Frequent Local Travel


University Qualifications: Bachelor or Master of Water, Chemical or Environment Engineering. Nature and length of previous experience: 8 years or above sales experience of membrane products, ceramic membrane, DAF Products. Specialist knowledge: 1. Familiar with Water & Wastewater Treatment processes at various industries especially Oil, Gas, and Petrochemicals 2. Familiar with Water Treatment Procedures, knowledge and Expertise at Flotation Systems (DAF & DGF, IGF, etc.), and Filtration Systems 3. Technical Background related to Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems 4. Have a strong sense of market in Iran and Able to make proposals and solutions to clients. Soft Skills and Personality traits: 1. English Knowledge is a must 2. Ability to make verbal and written technical & financial proposals and solutions to clients 3. Good presentation Skills