Water Supply & Drainage Engineer SafBon

  • Full Time

  • China

      -   Shanghai

Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

-Responsible for the technical work of the sewage, water and water treatment project, be able to complete the design of the process plan independently -Participate in the tendering and bidding of sewage, water and water treatment projects -Responsible for construction drawing design of sewage, water and water treatment project -Responsible for the technical management and support from the whole process of the project design to the final acceptance -Provide support to other departments


-Bachelor degree or above, major in water supply and drainage, environmental engineering, chemical engineering or related -More than 5 years design experience in design institute or engineering company is preferred -Independently responsible for 3 sewage or water treatment complete project (project design, construction drawing design, commissioning) experience, project management experience is preferred -Registered environmental protection or registered water supply and drainage engineer qualification is preferred -Skilled at office, AutoCAD and other office software -Good at communication, honest, integrity, proactive, strong sense of responsibility and team work spirit -Job Location: Shanghai -Fluent in English, Chinese Language Knowledge is a priority -Ideal Age Range: 32 - 45