Warehouse Supervisor

Warehouse Supervisor

Job Description

Warehouse/Inventory Supervisor is directly in touch with the whole process of Delivery, in this process the Warehouse.Inventory Supervisor should have the teamwork skills due to the connection He/she should be make with Marketing department and Quality Control. It is suggested that the Applicant have a Automotive Background as Automotive industry has its own technical terms.


The candidate should be very well organized because Warehouse is where all the Raw materials are stocked in, Thus having a neat personality help them to have access to everything in Warehouse. Having a Head in IT is suggested because most of the forms are being done with computers.

About Company

50-99 employees

Pishgam Sanaat Mobin” is an established company founded in 1994, which Currently operating in automotive industry and manufacturing hinges and lock For vehicles. Since then, “Pishgam Sanaat Mobin” has successfully accomplished a sustainable growth trend, which led to our strong reputation and leading Hinges and locks manufacturer with supplying parts to companies like Renault And PSA (Peugeot-Citroen). Our partners, clients & work partners are our Precious part of the secret for our way forward. We cherish our relationship with our partners, work hard on maintaining it by Creating value, foster long-term mutual profitable partnerships and create win-win Scenarios in order to achieve growth and sustainability for our respected Partners as well as for us. Driven by this strong consumer-focused and innovative Spirit, company became the founder of Iran's chamber of commerce in Alborz Region ...

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