Unity Programmer

Unity Programmer

Job Description

- Dominate the implementation of the database - Startup spirit, professional ethics, time management and motivation - Implementing the paid payment system within the program and game advertising on Unity - Bug fixing and project optimization


- Work experience on 2D game in Unity environment - Mastering C # programming and implementing gameplay in Unity - Experience bug fixing and project optimization in Unity - Experience in implementing the paid payment system within the program and game advertising on Unity - Experience using AssetBundle and updating project versions in Unity - Experience working with server-side APIs - Work experience with Leaderboard inside and out of the game - Work experience and troubleshooting in software version control such as Git - Experience building a full-featured mobile game from the base to the end with Unity - Experience the release of at least one game

About Company

10-49 employees

Narin Idea Co. aim to be a global reference and a pioneering leader in mobile monetization. The company that develops effective, scalable and flexible solutions customizable to the needs and strategic goals of our clients.

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