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Trade Marketing Chief

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Job Description

-Organize and manage and direct product managers to implement the organization's policies -Policies for growth and development of sales in the field of products and customers -Provide maps and sales plans in line with the upgrade -Determine the volumetric and joint objectives across the country and monitor their realization -Designing and implementing incentive schemes for sales teams -Manage all product topics from advertising aspects, qualitative problems, improvement needs and improvements -Conduct and monitor the collection and updating of rival information and market research by the supervised team -Holding training sessions and market research centers at sales outlets -Planning and overseeing the launch of new products and achieving the goals set in the launch program at Broadcasting Corporation -Establishing the necessary coordination between the supplier and the sales organization -Define sales strategies and assign products for emphasis and emphasis -Designing competitive strategies and communicating to the sales organization -Manage, monitor, and analyze sales of products in different domains, and to track out barriers and problems with the sale of products to the sales team and monitor the implementation of the corrective and follow-up program resulting from the analysis -Manage and monitor the amount of products Stoke and coordinate and provide conditions for their sale -Understand customer needs and develop and propose ways to develop and grow sales and provide solutions to potential problems -Provides a monthly report of team activities to the branding manager and market development -Compliance with all organizational guidelines and related rules and procedures -Awareness of short-term and long-term policies and programs of the company -Build and manage product management and product planning teams


-Ability to plan and advance plans and programs and endeavor to complete the work in due time and with the desired quality -Resource management skills to achieve the goal -Ability to control their own performance and organization -Marketing skills -Goal oriented -High speed operation -Strong and hard-working -The desire for individual and team development -The ability to manage time -Having strong public relations -Ability to negotiate effectively with others -Cover and proper appearance -Ability to prepare reports -Ability to work with the computer includes all Office software and working with the Internet -Ideal Age Range: 33 - 45