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Tour Manager

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Job Description

Organizing, planning and conducting long distance expeditions, travel, and tours for groups or individuals. making sure that the travel runs smoothly from venue to venue without any issue, confirm reservations, show times, and deal with venue managers, ticket agents and promoters. managing the schedules of the travel group and look after the finances. performing the following tasks: providing competitive, perimeum and cost effective tour packages. negotiating with airlines and contract with them for the target destinations • Verifying the quality and amount of equipment prior to expeditions. monitoring market and competitors and provide creative solution in the challenging situations negotiating with DMCs and having a good relationships with the them around the globe • Instructing sales and revenue team • Marketing and Selling travel packages. • Planning itineraries. List of responsibilities: -liaising with DMCs, hotels, Embassies, coach companies, Tour Guides, restaurants and other clients. accompany groups travelling by coach, or in some cases this may be by car, boat, train or plane welcome groups of holidaymakers at their starting point and announce details of travel arrangements and stop-over points -Checking tickets and other relevant documents, seat allocations and any special requirements -Helping with passport and immigration issues -Assisting holidaymakers with check-in and settle them into their accommodation -Communicating a range of information on itineraries, destinations and culture -Informing passengers of arrival and departure times at each destination on the itinerary and ensure that all members of the group are back on the coach before departing from each stop through checking the tour guides -Developing a specialist area of knowledge -Using professional knowledge to answer questions from holidaymakers,sales managers, sales counters and to fulfill their expectations of the tour -Making sure all travel arrangements run according to plan and that accommodation, meals and service are satisfactory -Organizing entry to attractions and transport, such as car hire -Ensuring that the tour is running smoothly for individual members of the group respond to questions and offer help with any problems that arise, ranging from simple matters, such as directing a member of the group to the nearest chemist, to more serious issues, such as tracing lost baggage -Deal with emergencies, such as helping a holidaymaker who is ill or those needing to contact family members urgently -making contact in advance with places to stay or visit to check details and arrangements -Advising about facilities, such as sights, restaurants and shops, at each destination -Occasionally make accommodation bookings on proposed dates -Organizing and attending tourism events, conferences, workshops, seminars and exhibitions -Writing reports and maintain records -Providing feedback after a tour as part of a debrief session.. Reporting to: Managing Director. Working hours: full time 9 to 9.


• Being flexible and adaptable. • Having high attention to details. • Being able to work with a team. • Having good negotiation skills. • Being creative. • Having good communication skills. • Being able to solve problems. • Having IT skills. • Being punctual. • Having public relations skills.