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Technical Product Owner

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Job Description

-Managing all technical aspects of the product, including choosing the right architecture, choosing technologies, developing and delivering software on time, optimizing, and more -Co-operates with the product manager to transfer the product development plan to the technical framework -Guiding the development -Testing and implementation of the software -Developing and integrating the system -Take quick decisions and solving technical problems in an optimal manner -Identifying required resources and potential capacity to carry out the project -Ensure product development, according to the road map, at the right time and with the right quality -Choosing the right architecture -Analyzing and designing the system and documenting the project -Complete product setup with Beck and Front Programming, Database and Server setup -Define work for mobile teams -Ensure that the team is placed in the correct technical direction


-Minimum BS degree in Software Engineering or related disciplines (preferably from reputable universities) -At least 3 years’ experience in managing technical teams with the ability to solve complex, large-scale and proportional algorithms -Comprehensive knowledge of databases (SQL Base, No SQL) -Dominate in one of the Frontend User Framesets, such as React -Dominate in one of the Backend Server frames, such as .Net or .Net Core -Being able to set up, maintain and optimize databases and web servers -Dominate in OOP and Scrum -Dominate in the concepts of software security -Familiar with Software Development Tools and Procedures, such as: Code Style, Review, Unit Test, Git -Familiar with CI / CD -Familiar with Distributed Cache and Queue concepts -Fluent in new approaches to software architecture -Continuous improvement of product quality and providing innovative solutions and innovations in the field of technology -Ability to negotiate effectively, analysis Skills and problem solving -Strong generalist and has ability to take on many roles such as: Software Architect, Full Stack Developer, DevOps, Technical Team Management and Distribution of Tasks between them. -Ideal Age Range: 28 - 46