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Technical Expert- Kish

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Job Description

Responsibilities: - Visit the device on a daily basis using safe precautions in data center. - Design power plans if necessary and maintain power supply (low voltage) - Maintenance of cooling system (package &chilled water) in data center - Maintenance of Fire extinguishing systems in data centers.


Work in a data center (Familiarity with the concepts of data centers) for maintenance of the company's physical infrastructure, including electricity substations, diesel generators, cooling systems, UPS & etc. in order to advance the objectives of infrastructure to provide uninterrupted services. Applicants' Specific skills and knowledge (required): Mastering and working in data center for design and implementation of power distribution systems (Low voltage), electrical panels and related elements in data centers. Mastering work with electrical measuring equipment and Industrial Controllers in data centers. Mastering drawing and designing electronic circuit and electrical maps and analysis of circuits and components of electrical systems. Mastering Uninterruptible Power Equipment (UPS) and Emergency Diesel Generators, in data centers. Mastering cooling system equipment and how to work with them Familiar with and experience working with computer network systems and resources in data centers (especially the passive sections of networks). Mastering security equipment and access controls. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Education: B.S (Electrical Engineering, Electronic, control) or (Mechatronic, mechanic) dominate in electrical concepts. Relative proficiency in working with computers and general software such as word, Excel and ability to work with Drawing Software Autocad, Visio, Publisher Interest and motivation to learn and do technical and executive tasks Motivation and coordination for group work Language skills: English Workplace: Kish Ideal age range: 25-35 Sex Priority: Man 4 years of experience in relevant field Ended military service