System & Methods Expert Tehran Chemie Pharmaceutical Company

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Posted 3 months ago

Job Description

-Development & Implementation of Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS18001) based on Best Practices -Periodical and continuous re-engineering, reviewing and troubleshooting of job processes -Identifying, development, establishing and modification of suitable and effective processes and methods -Evaluating the performance of organizational units as for modification of processes, methods and systems used to comply with objectives, missions and the assigned tasks -Providing consulting services for the company's units in business processes, methods and systems -Recognition and using organizational promotion approaches and quality management -Developing and setting up necessary instructions, circulars and protocols in a co-operation with other expert scopes of the company -Supervising the form of conducting modifying and preventive measures; providing necessary suggestions and following up to the outcomes -Reporting about/on the system performance -Insuring about/on the correct performing of the quality management system's requirements -Audit Procedures and self-assessment based on Excellence Models -Preparation of management reports -Set up meeting for identifying & solving problems -Training and coaching of procedures to ensure the effectiveness of implementation -Refining and supervision of procedures' implementation in organization -Identify and managing of organizational risks -Mastering the quality management system and familiarity with the organizational excellence model


-B.S. /M.A. in Industrial Engineering or Industrial Management -At least 3 years of experience in the field of system development -Knowledge and experience in ISO & ITIL -Knowledge and experience in BPMN، BMPS، BPM، BPR -Knowledge and experience in DODAF, TOGAF -Knowledge and experience in QFD, EFQM -Familiar with Organization Structure and Formation Development fundamentals -Familiar with Methods and Systems of Improvement Systems and Enhancement of Organization Productivity -Skills in Reporting and report preparation -Appropriate communication skills and team working abilities -Skillfulness in collecting and documenting -Optimizing enterprise processes and fluent in process modeling -Ability to design forms and instructions as well as other organizational processes needed -Familiarity with Models and Standards in Industry excellence -Familiarity with surveys and assessment of effectiveness of service -Ability to solve problems -Ability to work in challenging environments -Ability to create and participate in work groups