Supply Chain & Sales Warehouse Manager Amadeh Laziz

  • Full Time

  • Tehran

      -   Tehran

Posted 10 months ago

Job Description

•Main Objective: Management and supervision of supply, distribution and Sales warehouse to chain stores •Main responsibilities: -Control and monitor the performance of warehouse personnel -Daily control and monitoring of the process of registering documents of goods delivered by the factory -Control and monitor registered orders -Control and supervise the sending of orders -Control and supervision of registration of orders for delivery to stores -Control and supervision of returning products -Control and monitor the causes of return products -Control and monitor on storage's of products -Daily inventory control and inventory management -Offer solutions and suggestions for improving performance -Determining the duties of supervised employees and coordinating their tasks -Feeling the responsibility about the organization and provide the necessary fields to strengthen this feeling in the staff and motivating -Establishing and maintaining discipline in the field and establishing proper relationships with colleagues and other organizational units


-Knowledge about sales and marketing -Familiar with management techniques -Experience in recognizing opportunities and threats of market -Motivating the staff continuously -Having skills of planning and organizing -Complete understanding of market research concept -Complete understanding of market and doing market research -Having special skill in assessment sales data -Knowing well about branding -Ideal Age Range: Minimum 30 years old -Minimum 3 years of experience in sales management / Minimum 6 years of experience in relevant job -Gender Preference: Male/ Female