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Software Sales Engineer

Samanehaye Modiriat

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Software Sales Engineer

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Samanehaye Modiriat Company views the category of sales in a very professional look consistent with the fundamental principles of the concept. Therefore, the sales engineer's position is considered to be a key component of management systems that are at the organization frontline. All interested persons who are ready to work in a dynamic, professional and learning environment are invited to collaborate in accordance with the following specifications. • Sales Full familiarization with and learning company’s sales system to carry out sales activities systematically. Full familiarization with company’s products and strategies to acquire the ability to deliver suggestions on sales strategies to company’s clients. Establishing telephone negotiations with clients and holding intra and inter-organizational person-to-person meetings. Successful sales of company’s products and services to prospective customers in line with organization objectives. Delivering creative strategies to continuously enhance the system, processes, documentations and objectives of sales department. Taking part in client’s processes and requirements familiarization sessions in order to deliver sales proposals. Effective and ongoing interaction with counterpart companies to carry out common tasks in the fields of marketing and sales. Continuous enhancement of self-knowledge in the three main fields of sales, CRM and IT through self-study and participation in intra and inter-organizational specialized training courses. • Documentation Establishing knowledge on design and production of documentations related to company strategies and products comprising of catalogues, specification lists, proposals etc. for delivery to clients. Developing full knowledge of company strategies and products to be able to develop strategy documentations based on client’s order. Presentation of creative suggestions to improve existing situation of organization documentation. Design and preparation of required content.


• Requirements Ability to organize B2B sales meetings and provide demo Knowledge and interest in customer relationship management and Microsoft Dynamics CRM software Degree in Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, MBA, Information Technology Knowledge of the principles and techniques of negotiation and Body Language Preferably having work experience associated with the sale of enterprise software Mastering a variety of sales practices and concepts related to sales Maximum age of 35 years Creative, energetic and motivated Has an interactive spirit, agile and interested in learning and progress in the work Mastering Office software, and preferably Photoshop Capable Master degree students at Tehran State Universities who have the opportunity to work full time can also apply • Skills Sales engineering principles and concepts including modeling in sales engineering, process, procedure, pricing and forecasting Technical competence including product knowledge, market knowledge, customer knowledge Sales psychology including knowledge of audiences, knowledge of geography, body language Communication skills including listening skills, incite curiosity, build up trust, behavioral replication (verbal and non-verbal replicas) Presentation skills and product introduction including product display skills, presentation skills with PowerPoint and Whiteboard, presentation to the group, presentation to the individual Persuasive skills including sales skills with questions, bargaining skills and negotiation skills Organizational sales including the stages of the company's sales process and its related points (collective negotiation, appointment, the impact of the organizational culture factor, organizational formalities, etc.).