Software Engineer

Software Engineer

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By joining YektaNet, you join a high tech team which is responsible for delivering high quality codes managing billions of requests, Such conditions requires development of a prompt and qualified service, so we assume that you're skilled in the following areas and are responsible in tasks as below: - Teamwork with other developers in different teams - Developing high quality, optimized, scalable, fast and reusable codes. - Make quick decisions, checkout different issues and take the necessary steps to meet the requirements and implement decisions - Cooperate with other members of the technical team and product managers in order to have a product to meet the user's needs - Be involved in all design, production, and maintenance phases of software and services


- Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent field - Experience with building APIs and HTTP protocol - Sufficient knowledge of the basic concepts of computer science, such as data structure and algorithm design - Mastering one of the programming languages, preferably Python, NodeJs or GO Lang - Dominate one of the Web frameworks, preferably Django - Mastering the concepts of API design and HTTP protocol - Sufficient knowledge of object-oriented concepts, modular design and design patterns - Dominate in at least one of the SQL-based databases (preferably postgres) or NoSQL databases such as mongodb, cassandra, couchDB

This position is no longer available.

About Company

10-49 employees

Yektanet is the biggest and most advanced native advertising network in Iran serving over 40 million unique users with 5 billion impressions per month. Yektanet’s goal is to be a platform that makes publishers, advertisers and audiences happy. We believe our relationship with our publishers should be built on trust and honesty and this can result in long-term profitable relationships. We believe that our advertisers must have a full control over their campaigns and get the best result by showing their ads to the right audience and this doesn’t happen unless we have a data driven technology that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable advertisers achieve what’s not possible manually. We believe that a platform doesn’t succeed unless it adds true value to its users by providing relevant and timely content without negatively affecting user experience on websites. Th...

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