Software Development and Systems Support Engineer

Software Development and Systems Support Engineer

Job Description

Mission: • To develop, maintain and support software and platform for network statistics and trends • To ensure the Network Performance Management (NPM) tool used by users across the organization is kept running 24x7 to show statistics cross network • To integrate new components to NPM tool with network elements Role complexity: • To liaise with department and vendors (if need be) in order to prepare required software based on user software requirements Task Complexity: • To analyze functional systems and user software requirements for the Network in order to develop new or modify existing software, tools and queries for needed purposes and keep related data and applications updated at all times or integrate new elements into existing tools • To conduct data mining (including but not limited to running queries, etc.) to provide statistical reports based on network data and provide required data analyses using a variety of methods in order to improve performance of Network KPIs and escalate related issues for resolution • To interpret requests and client feedback in order to determine analytical approach in providing business insight in performance area • To implement required software (tools) solutions partially or totally according to design and development specifications • To improve database performance and application of existing tools especially NPM tools • To monitor NPM tool components for effectiveness, resource utilization, stability and performance and ensure all of components are working at all times • To provide maintenance support on all developed Network Performance systems • To produce and maintain technical documentations on all systems in accordance to pre-defined standards and procedures • To ensure successful and scheduled implementation and maintenance of quality systems • To ensure developing KPI formula in NPM tools are based on customer requirements


Education: • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Electronic Eng. or similar in Maths and analysis with statistics-based training • Recognized IT qualification or other formal computer systems development training • Fluent in English Experience: • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in an area of specialization; with experience in supervising others • Programming in database development. Exposure to database related development and Optimization. • Valuable experience in programming languages for network • Problem and user requirement analysis and developing solutions. • Software architecture and technologies, multi-tier application design and development using databases, user interfaces and server applications. Preferred experience: • Integration of systems, analyzing system functionality and providing system interfaces. Large volume data processing, analysis and management. • Hands-on experience working on Big Data mining tools and software • Be data analytics to create new insights from predictive statistical modelling activities that deliver to our clients • Web development experience • Multi-tier applications, Object Oriented design and programming would be an advantage • Familiar with Big Data concept and having experience with related tools

This position is no longer available.

About Company

500 employees or more

Irancell Telecommunication Services Company (MTN Irancell) – Iran’s 2nd mobile operator – is a private joint stock company. As “Iran’s greatest data operator”, our vision is to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world to our customers. Our company provides the following services: - Wholesale and retail telecommunications services - Sales of network traffic capacity to local or international carriers or entities - Renting network infrastructure facilities to local or international carriers or entities - Internet and digital platform-related products and services as well as all available sources of value added services - E-Commerce/ m-Commerce activities of telecommunications networks - Customer services, including but not limited to customer relationship management and Call Centre services.

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