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Job Description

░░ We are currently looking for individuals who: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Creativity on designing materials for ad campaigns - Have a sense of autonomy as well as a teamwork spirit - Presenting use case scenarios, wireframe, prototypes, and product configuration - Designing UI based on instructions and rules of thumb - Managing/conducting operational teams on digital marketing, web, and application from graphic design principles point of view - Analyzing requested or proposed projects through the requirement analysis or relevant data digging - Requested skills ‏■ Working days: Monday to Friday (work hours are subject to change based on workload) ■ This is a remote, contract-based work.


- Advanced illustrator and Photoshop user - Skilled in prototyping software tools such as in Vision, Sketch, Adobe XD - Capable of icon/sign designing - Capable of logo designing, posters, banners, leafs, infographics and multimedia content - Having, good knowledge of branding and advertising - Experienced in designing Landing pages, catalogs, graphic designs esp. in social networks - Familiar with Mobile Apps and UI and UX - Familiar with the design and creating video contents and motion graphics ░ [ ! ]░ Please send your CV, motivation letter and a portfolio of some of your works.░ [ ! ]░

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