Senior Business Development Expert Sadad Informatics Corps

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  • Tehran

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Posted 9 months ago

Job Description

- Defining and evaluating revenue models / service commissions and discount Models (pre/freemium models). - Planning for increasing average revenue per enterprise users by finding new business opportunities and offering new services to the clients. - Creation and assess financial projections, feasibility study and business plans of the new business lines. - Evaluation the business expansion needs and cooperation with fin-techs and start-ups, especially when there is push into new business environments. - Liaise with any program gendered towards business development by the organization in provision of technical assistance to clients, including market plans, business evaluation, projected cash flows and financial pro formats. - Collection the accurate data from ratio analysis, trends, cash flows, income statements and balance sheets based on the suggestions proffered by fin-techs and start-ups. - Getting involved in meetings involving business technical team of the company. - Getting involved in all projects of the company for the accomplishment of company’s strategies and goals. - Working together with clients and members of staff of the company in promoting company’s values and ethics.


- Excellent English fluency in all four skills and ability to negotiate and dialogue with clients/customers in English language is mandatory. - Good command on Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint) - Proper skills for formal communication through Email and social media. - Creativity and innovation at workplace and effective persuasive communication. - Ability to multi-task (He/she must be able to complete several tasks together and meet up with deadlines) - Having knowledge to modeling business process by BPMN 2 is a benefit. - Possession of B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, IT management, MBA and also related fields - Having same role experiences in fin-techs and start-ups is a benefit. - Excellent business relationships development for foreign partners and fin-techs and start-ups. - Having business knowledge of "open banking services", "e-Wallet", "direct debit” and related fields.