Senior Accountant Macopharma Fardavar

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Senior Accountant

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Job Description

Senior Accountant in Macopharma Fardavar is responsible for: • Accounting and book keeping along with GL and CC monitoring and categorization to make sure all the capturing are compliance with accounting standards + support to Set up accounting software in Macopharma Fardavar • Tax and SSO Topics and regulations and official communications and relevant meeting • Fixed asset and depreciation table • Treasury and payment and controlling bank & petty cash along with relevant reconciliation • Implementing Internal Control • Reconciliation with main supplier and customer • External Reporting: Statutory books, Financial statements, Tax return, seasonal report (VAT report, selling and purchasing report) • Invoices (soon) of the company • Monthly closing support


- Education: bachelor or MS of accounting - Experience: minimum 6 to 8 years - Knowing MS Office (Word, Outlook, Advanced Excel, etc.) - Have good knowledge of English language (Reading, Writing) - Expert Knowledge of Iranian Accounting Standard (IR GAAP) - Good team playing skills and positive work ethic Based in Karaj