Seawater Desalination Engineer - Shaghai SafBon

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      -   Shanghai

Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

- Carry out the process design of seawater desalination project according to the standard process and document process of seawater desalination department, including water intake system, pre-treatment system, reverse osmosis membrane system, post-treatment system and production pump delivery system -Prepare the data of all stages of the project, including the project scheme at the early stage, preliminary design, and construction drawing design, debugging and running documents -Select main process equipment and make technical communication with the supplier -Conducted on-site debugging of seawater desalination project


-Bachelor degree or above, major in chemical engineering and environmental engineering -At least 5 years working experience in water treatment, with certain experience in seawater desalination or membrane process design -Familiar with all kinds of water treatment technologies and processes, such as pure water, ultra-pure water, wastewater, and reuse of middle water, and able to independently carry out design and related work -Proficient in CAD, ROSA, WAVE, WORD and EXCEL -This position will be located in Shanghai -Ideal Age Range: 33 - 45 -Fluent in English; Chinese Language Knowledge is a priority