Sales Supervisor - Kashan

Sales Supervisor - Kashan

Job Description

- Ensure all sales routes under his supervision have up to date route plans. - Ensure all customer data integrity is continually updated and correct. - Ensure that all routes under his supervision have the correct quantity and mix of sale able product to service their outlets on a daily basis as per the company must stock list. - Responsible to ensure that outlets under his supervision meet the companies Picture of Success standards. - Conduct a minimum of 2 work with in the market on route per salesmen under his supervision on a monthly basis. - Review daily the service levels and sales volume and wastage performance by route with each salesman in his team. This should be measured against the salesman's agreed route plan. - Responsible for the achievement of distribution targets under his area of supervision. - Responsible to deliver monthly sales volume and wastage targets for his supervisory area. - Responsible to ensure the correct visibility and display of products in all outlets is as per the company agreed standards. - Responsible to ensure that salesmen under his control reconcile their van stocks and cash deposit on a daily basis. - Responsible for the investigation and control of noncompliance to company standards and policies.


- At least an Associate’s degree in Business or Marketing. - At least 3 years of experience in related fields. - Having Knowledge in English Language. - Advanced skills in Microsoft office and sales software. - Gender: Male - Location: Kashan

About Company

500 employees or more

Zarrin Roya, since 1989, with 3 leading brands, My Baby, CoCoMi, My Lady, and Easy Life is a leading hygiene company with +1000 employees in Iran market, whose mission is to secure the welfare and comfort of families by providing the most effective solution for their daily hygiene needs.

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