Sales Planning Supervisor - Iraq

Solico Group Different Cities

Posted 9 months ago

Job Description

1. Product groups Targeting in B2B, Confectionery, Beverage, Meat, sauce and Sub-zero lines. (weight, dinar, carton) 2. Aggregate and allocate monthly dairy and non-dairy Targets per Division (Weight, dinar and carton) at the beginning of each month. 3. Monitoring and tracking the achievement of goals, explaining the reasons for not achieving goals in different product groups, reviewing and presenting solutions 4. Management and control of basic production info. 5. Preparing and delivering the same format of planning reports for all areas and monitoring its proper implementation. 6. Monitor sales team reports and evaluate the effectiveness of sales team activities (daily - monthly - seasonally) 7. Controlling reports of sales target realization and comparison with set targets. 8. Controlling sales promotion on different sales KPIs. 9. Comprehensive Sales Database Control. 10. Reporting the effectiveness of sales plans at different times (daily - seasonal - monthly) 11. Controlling product group reports in various businesses 12. Explain and control the goals of the sales team in accordance with the standard format 13. Review, modify and optimize the program to launch new product sales 14. Weekly and Monthly Sales Trend Reporting and Sales Analysis by Division, Branch, Region, CAT, SKU 15. Determine the performance evaluation indicators of the sales team, prepare and complete the sales team's Commission Regulations and monthly updates. 16. Calculate and control the sales manager's Commission based on performance indicators of different levels of sales team Commission and monthly comparative report ($ & IQD). 17. Development of Sales KPIs. 18. Collection of Back File Daily Sales Database (SAP, Focus, I-order) to prepare periodic sales reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Comparative). 19. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of sales compared to Target and annual budgets.


- Minimum Bachelor degree in Business, Industrial Engineering, or Food industry - Enough experience in Marketing, Budgeting, Planning, and Product Promotion - Motivated, dedicated and active in a dynamic market - Ability to work in Iraq - Fluency in Arabic is a plus

Employement type:

  • Full Time

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Employement type:

  • Full Time

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