Sales Planning Specialist

Solico Group (Kalleh)


Posted a month ago

Job Description

Coordinating the sales team and assisting with recruiting and training new hires. Providing product demonstrations to staff and clients, and taking the lead in resolving complaints. Analyzing sales team performance and scheduling training/refresher sessions accordingly. Conducting market research and sharing findings with the team. Working alongside the team to draw up strategies to increase customer base. Setting sales targets and implementing incentives. Providing accurate sales forecasts and allocating resources so targets are met. Managing a network of vendors and suppliers. Maintaining excellent relationships with customers that are built on trust, and encouraging the rest of the sales team to follow this example. Keeping up-to-date with advancements in marketing.


Bachelor's degree in Industrial ,Marketing, Business . Strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Ability to think on your feet. Excellent customer service and leadership skills. Strong networking abilities. Ability to diagnose problems and find solutions. Strong degree of diplomacy and the ability to work with a range of different people. Ability to remain professional. Willingness to work overtime when required. Excel Sheet professional.

Job Category

  • Sales & Customer Service

Employment type

  • Full Time


  • Experienced professional

Job Category

  • Sales & Customer Service

Employment type:

  • Full Time


  • Experienced professional

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