Sales & Marketing Specialist Caspian Valve Kadous (CVK Valve)

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Sales & Marketing Specialist

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Job Description

Sales & Marketing Specialist: Since the company is in its initial phases of market development, the sales team is planning to expand its operation in different sector of the Oil & Gas industry. This has led to a vacancy the in the sales department for a new employee. The candidate will be responsible for the following tasks: - Analyzing and monitoring potential and current customers - Closely monitoring the main customers and their changes - Closely monitoring the main competitors and their changes - Building business relationships with potential organization and converting them to long-term partners - Presenting the company to the untapped sectors of the Oil & Gas industry (this may include meetings in various cities) - Building and updating a dynamic database of related customers, organizations, key people, etc. in order to contact them regularly and strategically. - Improving the company's online presence - Documenting and analyzing all Customer Interactions - Creating and Presenting Weekly Reports to Management - Providing Excellent Customer Care - Designing campaigns and analyzing data to determine campaign efficiency - Serving as Liaison between Management and customers - The candidate is expected to bring to business to the company and she will be commissioned accordingly.


- Preferably the candidate should be graduated in one the following majors: MBA, Management, Marketing, Industrial Management, Economics - The candidate must have at least 3 years of experience of working in sales and marketing in Oil & Gas industry. Candidates with familiarity with piping and valves will have an edge. - The candidate must be expert user of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) since scrupulous documentation is a given for this position. She also has to have a working knowledge of English (at least intermediate level). - The candidate must be very good and patient for long phone conversation and in-person negotiations. Due to presence of customers all over the country, she has to be comfortable with travelling to different cities on job assignments. - The soft skills necessary for this job position are the following: - Excellent communication skills - Excellent negotiation skills - The ability to follow-up the leads continuously and relentlessly - Leadership and ability to work as a team member - Good memory - Creativity and problem-solving skills