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Sales Manager

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Job Description

- Objective of the role: direct the team's focus, set goals, look at data, motivate and help create training opportunities, work with large profile of customers and deal with customers' complaints, analyze budgets, and determine ways to streamline and improve the sales process. - List of responsibilities: Meeting Sales Goals, Negotiation, Selling to Customer, Motivation for Sales, Sales Planning, Building Relationships, Coaching, Managing Processes, Market Knowledge, Developing Budgets, Staffing. Reporting to: manager director.


- University Qualifications: MBA, Marketing, tourism, Managment. - Nature and length of previous experience: 3 years experience as a sales manager. - Specialist knowledge: sales. - Soft Skills and Personality traits: Leadership ability, Good negotiating skills, ability to - work as a team member, excellent communication skills, excellent sales team management, high tolerance, high courage, high risk taking ability .