Research and Formulation Manager

Research and Formulation Manager

Job Description

- Evaluation of any suggestion of new product - Collaborate with Product Development Committee - Planning of each new product development - Implementation of each new product’s development plan - Arrange teams in R&D Dept. for any products - Good supervision and managing of R&D Dept. according organization goals. - Scale up process for any new product - Collaboration for development of new products analytical methods - Resource management of R&D Dept


- At least 5 years’ experience work experience in the pharmaceutical industry - Good command of production of research and production of biological and chemical pharmaceutical production - Ability to manage human resources and good teamwork - Excellent Fluency in English in all skills

About Company

100-499 employees

Biosun Pharmed Co. is a subsidiary of Barakat Pharmaceutical Holding Co. registered on October 20, 2012. The company's fields of activity include research, development and production of biosimilar products, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and peptide medications. This company operates in three centers: the main factory is located in the Barakat pharmaceutical science and technology town, located in the Alborz province, the biotechnology and peptide site called “Biosun Darou” in Yaftabad, as well as the headquarters of the company in Tehran. Our mission is to produce vaccines and healing drugs for domestic and foreign markets in accordance with state-of-the-art international quality standards. The motivation behind this production is to alleviate pain in patients who deserve to live a fulfilling life. Knowledge-based technology is a timeless companion to our products. This approach guaran...

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