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Posted 3 months ago

Job Description

-Evaluation and monitoring of weighing and Produce products in order to ensure the conformity of the method of manufacturing the drug according to -Receive and analyze information from lab and production in order to decide on the product's ability to market. -Investigation and evaluation of the invoice of the traders sent from the commercial unit to ensure the order of the raw material according to the records and license. -Monitoring and reviewing the drug elimination process with the help of the outsourced company in order to optimize mistakes and control the authenticity of the products. -Monitoring the observance of drug storage and handling conditions in order to ensure the preservation of the quality and safety and efficacy of the materials and products during the process. -Coordinating and informing the supplier of raw materials with the Food and Drug Administration in order to adapt resources with the licenses and standards set. -Collaborate on training personnel and observing the principals of GMP involved in the processes in order to optimize their operation process. -Informing and maintaining the principles provided by the Food and Drug Administration in order to comply with and update the standard of the units. -Planning and coordinating the activities of different units in order to determine the raw materials appropriate to the suppliers and to carry out the coordination necessary for the affairs.


-Bachelor's or Masters Degree in Department of Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy -Thinking tipper -Deductive reasoning &mathematic -Medical knowledge -Active listening skills -Time management skill -Negotiation skills -Near vision -Problem solving skill -Attention to details -Computer proficient with Microsoft Office Applications and river's -English knowledge -Ideal Age Range: 22 - 32