Regulatory Economics Specialist Irancell

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  • Tehran

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Posted 10 months ago

Job Description

Mission: • Provide economic or financial justification on any new P&S or changing existing tariffs to get tariff approval from CRA and CRC. • Provide regulatory accounting to maintain the schedule of payments to CRA , ITU, APT ,GSMA or financial settlement in interconnection or national roaming with other Licensees. Task Complexity: • Provide economic or financial analysis in order to propose new P&S tariffs to CRA • Liaise with Business and Finance divisions to provide effective economic or financial justifications/analysis for new proposed tariffs to CRA • Follow-up pending approval of filed tariffs • Provide analysis regarding retail and whole sales tariff regulations and collaborate with Business and technical divisions to implement the notified resolutions • follow up the schedule of promotional retails tariffs and discounts implemented by MTN Irancell based on Licenses and regulations • Implement the initiative actions for payment process to ITU , GSMA , CPT and other related organizations • Follow up interconnection and national roaming settlement reports between MTN Irancell and other Licensees from Finance division • Review and check the tariff regulations in the related MTN Irancell contracts with other Licensees • Provide economic analysis on the cost of compliance with License obligation and implementation of any new regulation, policy directive or legislation • Collaborate and engage in any regulatory cost models such as LRIC Model to calculate interconnection rate, spectrum frequency fees based on ITU or international recommendations and advises • Maintain and follow up the schedule of MTN Irancell payments to CRA , based on our Licenses and regulations, in collaboration with Finance division • Monitor, analyze and report the trends of telecom, digital economy and media regulated industry in the local (e.g. CBI) and global environment (e.g. Informa) • Keep updated regarding the developments in retail and wholesale tariff regulations in ITU , European Commission, MTN Group OPCOs with collaboration with Regulatory R&D team • Build service delivery reputation internally and with external stakeholder • Provides retails and whole sales tariffs tables • Provide the reports of payments to CRA, ITU, GSMA, APT etc. • Provide retail and wholesale price regulation reports in the relevant markets • Provide reports of the trends on communication in our economy


Education: BA in Law (Commercial / Business) or related fields (Economics or Finance) Experience: • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in the field of specialization (alternatively within a regulatory control body), • Experience in supervising others. Knowledge: • Understanding of the Iranian telecommunications industry, • Working knowledge of costing models and price regulation, • Economics of GSM operations, • Mobile best practices, • Understanding of GSM technology and its costing principles. Skills: • Analytical skills, • Risk management skills, • Deadline driven, • Communications, • Planning, • Scanning, • Bench marking.