Regional Sales Manager Behesht Ghandil (Doghazal Tea)

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Regional Sales Manager

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Job Description

-Collaborate in determining macro sales strategies -Monitoring the performance of sales staff and arranging sales committees -Performing and monitoring sales negotiations and participating in external and internal meetings for conducting sales negotiations -Collaborating on inventory capacity and monitoring how to send requests to the warehouse and how to charge the warehouse -Collaborating on the development and updating the sales method and execution procedures -Performing Geographical division of representatives, planning and overseeing the expansion of agencies, ranking of representatives and business parties and control of agents -Monitor the validation of business parties and determine the credit ceiling -Coordinate and issue a return order return order and determine the financial matters -Supervising sales operations including ordering, determining the stages of validation, scheduling and delivery, keeping track of the delivery of the product to the customer -Coordinate with engineering unit for timing of sending orders -Collaborate in determining macro sales strategies and Planning of sales development -Planning, designing and implementing MP implementation requirements, overseeing the updating of information and its implementation -Perform systemic affairs and control the documents related to the return of returned products -Monitoring the zoning of Tehran and the route of the regions -Investigate the demand for products in different regions and determine the amount of vehicles loaded -Conduct negotiations, sign contracts and regulations, and monitor how receipts are collected -Monitor the sale of the entire basket of goods and how to issue the invoice and apply discounts -Collaborate on determining Target, the amount of commission and monitoring of the implementation of the Target, if necessary, to provide a solution -Analyze data related to sales units and prepare reports and statistics required periodically -Knowing M.P. Products to participate in the broadcast and overseeing the M.P. Product Training to affiliated unit managers and sales teams -Planning sales Promotes -Perform weekly and monthly evaluations of staff, provide feedback *required number: 2 managers


-Bachelor Degree in Business Management or relevant field -At least 5 years of related work experience as sales Manager -Good knowledge of food industry and FMCG field -Good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word & Excel) and special sales software -Understanding Systematical sales processes -Ability to analyze the native markets -Ability to analyze sales information -familiar with Sales Forecast System -Excellent Communication & Negotiation Skills -Flexible to work under pressure -Flexible and eager to involve in change programs -Talented to learn different approaches