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Posted 9 months ago

Job Description

The Role Main responsibilities: - To research whatever is needed - Helping marketing department by preparing supporting documents - Tasks in this position may be as Team Collaboration or Standalone working - Cooperate with other team members to obtain perfect solutions Working hours: Sat to Wed from 09.00 to 05.00 /Thursdays from 09.00 to 02.00


- At least two years of relevant work experience - 35 years old at most - Full Time Attendance - Familiarity with the concepts of education system of the UK, and visa processing - English language Fluency (Intermediate and upper) - Good communication and presentation skills and teamwork ability - Ability to self-organize, self-diagnose and self-motivate - Strong documentation skills - Ability to work to deadlines, under pressure and the willingness to put extra hours in, when needed. - Must be extremely detail-oriented and be able to work with minimal supervision - Requires strong oral and written communication skills - Excellent knowledge of English - Meet established timelines