R&D Expert - Karaj Golnanpuratos

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R&D Expert - Karaj

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Job Description

 A full understanding of the standards applied in the company and the research and development activities required. - Full familiarity with the process of production lines and factors affecting the quality of production.  A familiarity with the principles of ISO 9002 and the company's quality policy  Having the necessary skills to hold meetings, seminars and specialized conferences related to the job  The ability to design, manufacture and modify the formulation  The ability to communicate effectively with other parts of the organization  Familiarity with the rules, regulations, and regulations of the company within the scope of the duties assigned to the job and post  Familiarity with the computer and the use of software related to the field of activity..  Search for resources with the quality of raw materials and review and evaluate them for formulation design  Familiarity with the production process of the company - Assist the quality control unit to improve and correct the problems and disadvantages of the product  Modification and retrieval of non-quality or non-returnable product formulas at the request of the production and warehouse unit  Visit of industrial and guild centers and presence in manufacturing units or factory training center at the request of sales and research department, and finally continuous cooperation with customers.  Participation in designing brochures and labels at the request of the marketing department and designing and transmitting the required information  Participation with the marketing unit in examining the domestic and foreign markets and the objectives of the products used, assessing customer expectations, market surveys, matching products in development, based on the results of market valuation  Compliance with all regulations and guidelines of the company in the specified cases.  Observe the safety, health and safety principles for yourself and others in the workplace.  Observe, maintain and enforce the documentation approved by the company's current quality assurance system.


- Food Technologist (Bachelor or Master level) with experience in bakery or confectionery industry or experience in product development. - Good English (written and spoken). - Dynamic person with analytical and hands-on skills. - Excellent communicator. - Strong organizational, critical thinking and creativity skills