Radio Material Planning and Solution Engineer Irancell

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Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

Mission: • To prepare RAN equipment/material Solution & Plan, Trace material requests, and make sure to be implemented fully in Network in the best efficient way and ensure no shortage, extra or loss of equipment has happened Role Complexity: • To maintain a proper relationship with RAN Planning team to get plan and finalize site solution • To review technical warehouse inventory levels and various related reports to ensure integrity of inventory stock with inbound/outbound reports from network side • To participate in stock counting process with various related teams including Procurement and Finance Task Complexity: • To prepare material/site configuration solutions, board and antenna plans for all new/modernization sites of MTNIrancell network • To operate approval process for all Site Material Requisition processes to ensure integrity of equipment plans • To support RAN Planning team and procurement logistics team in material planning and delivery • To trace and collect faulty materials of projects and following the Repair & Return (R&R) procedure with vendors • To ensure that MTNIrancell vendors obtain related certificates from regulatory and authority bodies prior to installation of equipment in the company network • To follow the trials and tests on various RAN equipment prior to purchasing phase and provide related reports • To prepare Bill of Quantity (BOQ) documents for material orders of rollout and modernization projects • To actively enforce initiations within the team to overcome material limitations and come up with viable material plan • To review warehouse inventory for MTNIrancell RAN equipment in order to ensure the FIFO standard for flow of stock is in place, also utilize the inventory in the most cost effective way to avoid over ordering, this includes solutions for swapped items as well • To follow the confirmation process on List of Materials prior to custom clearance formalities • To work closely with HW Support team in order to put order for new equipment or swap equipment between planning and maintenance teams • To follow the reconciliation process with roll out vendors that are in charge of RAN equipment • To escalate and follow up on material/site configuration solutions/issues with vendors • To support finalization of Project Implementation Plan (PIP) for purchasing RAN equipment with vendors alongside Procurement Logistic team considering the RAN Plan • To prepare of various reports on the status of equipment, also utilization and materials of Work In Progress for management


Education: • Bachelor in Technology Systems (Telecommunication Engineering / Information Technology) • Fluent in English Experience: • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in area of specialization; with experience in supervising others • Experience working in a medium to large organization Knowledge: • RAN Vendor Equipment • Radio Coverage and capacity Planning • Power system and capacity planning • Mobile Technology concept