Quality Expert - Isfahan

Quality Expert - Isfahan

Job Description

This role is responsible for quality assurance and quality control of products manufactured at Poroshat Filter. Develops, implements and maintains technical quality assurance and control systems and activities. Defines and specifies the implementation of standards, methods and procedures for inspecting, testing and evaluating the precision, accuracy and reliability of company products. Participates in the reviewing of engineering designs to contribute quality requirements and considerations. Assists product support areas in gathering and analyzing data. Selects, develops, and evaluates personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the function. Job Responsibilities - Developing high quality process according to ISO 9001:2015. -Reviewing the implementation and efficiency of the quality and inspection systems as well as the plan to conduct - monitoring inspection of materials and products to ensure high quality of finished products. - Coordinating with the Production Division in order to provide QA related training to the staff such as operators, engineers, and technicians. - Working closely with related Department Managers. - Revising and updating the in-house systems and procedures based on changes in requirements by external certification bodies. - Identifying, monitoring and communicating key performance indicators (KPIs) in quality assurance and control. - Report on achievement of targets and identify any actions required - Ideas and improve operation, recommending, supporting and implementing continuous improvement activities to minimize losses and enhance quality level of products according to customer requirements. - Recommend changes where necessary to improve company's process. - Create and develop techniques to enhance productivity.


-Knowledge and experience in management. - Creative in problem solving and Optimization every task. - Team player - Active and energetic - Experienced in (re)search - Committed to objectives and result driven - Ability to delegate appropriately - Ability to negotiate and manage conflicts - Capable and willing to work in new and changing environments - Capable of building strong professional relationships with colleagues - Proactive and highly motivated - Competent in planning and decision making. - Education: Master Degree in Industrial Engineering and (Or) Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering - Minimum Experience: 3 years of Quality Assurance and Quality Control experience in the Industry business and manufacturing. - English writing, reading, listening and speaking must be fluent. - Strong oral and written communication and presentation skills. - Computer (MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and Internet browsing skills.

About Company

50-99 employees

Poroshat Filter first started its journey in 2007, permitted by the Ministry of Science and Research, to design and produce application-specific industrial filters at the Isfahan University of Technology. In 2009, Poroshat Filter was awarded third place, among 400 intellectual and innovative companies, in the “Commercial Research Projects” category. In the same year, Poroshat Filter started its manufacturing business by establishing a factory at the Razi Industrial Town. Soon after, the company expanded its R&D by establishing the first-ever filtration laboratory as a service in the country, based at the Isfahan Science and Technology Town, complying with international standards. Other important accomplishments of Poroshat Filter over the years have been close cooperation with major public sectors for revising and raising the national standards, as well as inventing and patenting innov...

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