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Quality Control Manager

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Job Description

Main tasks: - Planning for timely and correct testing and inspection of the product required in the control plans or other technical documents referred to them. - Planning and overseeing the implementation of periodic additive, evaluation of output quality. - Planning and implementation of the periodicity of production processes and providing appropriate solutions for production to reduce or eliminate deflection in processes. - Grounding and monitoring the good performance, monitoring and product measurements according to control plans. - Planning and monitoring the good performance of the measurement system analysis (MSA) to ensure the accuracy of measuring systems. - Grounding, planning and monitoring the implementation of statistical control of processes (SPC). - Analysis of complaints from customers and products returned to them to root out and eliminate their causes. - Cooperation with the financial unit in the collection and categorization and reporting of quality costs. - Review of non-conformities observed in products and corrective action and elimination of conflicts. - Participation in the Quality Management Board. - Designing and monitoring the quality management system. - To approve and supervise the implementation of all methods of execution and to streamline new methods. - Deviation from acceptable standards and analysis of the analysis of the causes of possible lesions and defects with the coordination and cooperation of production and engineering. - Continuous improvement and help units to achieve this goal. -. Monitor the performance and effectiveness of management review and follow-up meetings. - Planning and conducting internal audits and preparation for various audits. - Perform procedures for document and document control. - Do all things in line with the interests of the company. - Approve the final product to leave the factory. - Follow-up of the production line with the coordinator of the plant manager or production in case of non-compliance. - To direct and direct all the following activities related to quality in order to achieve the quality objectives of the organization. - Approve the launch of the production line.


- Performance requirements: 1. The full time force (44) has left the clock. 2- Preparation for the mission inside and outside. 3- Ability to attend or follow outside office hours 4- Timely and regular attendance and observance of the disciplinary code. 5. Assist in the development and transfer of acquired skills. 6. Optimal use of available facilities. 7. Preparation of office and off-office work. 8. Fatigue-Tolerance from continuous office work. 9- Participate in multiple and long meetings. 10. Follow up with patience and patience - Acquiring conditions: 1. has a bachelor's or master's degree in chemistry or mechanics or industry 2- Have at least 7 years experience in quality affairs of manufacturing companies 3- Being native in the city of Karaj or Hashtgerd and surrounding towns 2. Speaking and speaking ability in English. 3. Mastering the computer and the Internet and Office. 4. Lack of legal and legal barriers. 5. High public relations. 6. Self-confidence and decision-making power. 7. Mastering skills. 8. Mastering the general affairs of the factory. ISO 9001 9. Familiarity with polymer standards. 10. Can perform MSA, SPC and product admixtures. 11. Internal audit capability and mastery of APQP and SQA. 12. Mastering ISO 9001 and ISO TS. 13. Domination of qualitative and engineering standards.