Quality Control Manager- Firouzkooh

Quality Control Manager- Firouzkooh

Job Description

- Direct all laboratory activities - To ensure the analytical/microbiology laboratories and Incoming Inspection are in operation mode to support Production and the release of product - To ensure all raw materials are received, inspected, sampled, and disposition according to procedure - Direct inspection and testing personnel to promote effective control of processes and products - Manage and coaches members of QC lab - Prepare and reviews technical documents and ensure that high standards of safety and regulatory are executed. - Devise ways of improving the manufacturing process to ensure higher-quality goods.


- BSc or MSc in Food science - Previous experience: 5 years of experience in food industries - Good Communications skills - Gender Preference: Male - Maximum Age: 45 - Job Location: Firouzkooh ( Shiva manufacturing company (SHIBA))

This position is no longer available.

About Company

500 employees or more

Main Companies are: Alifard Company, as one of the most reputable companies in production of fruit juices, concentrates and syrups, started its work in Kaveh Industrial city of Saveh in 1979. Currently company is active in production of various kinds of fruit juice, several types of concentrates and syrups under the Sunich brand. Shiva's manufacturing company has started its producing since 1999 by the purpose of producing such products for children, such as Gummi candy, Candy, Puffy and Winter Ice-cream under the Shiba brand. Sayesaman Distribution Company is a sole distribution company for Alifard and shiva products. This company has started its activities in 1995 and at present is covering 30 provinces on direct basis through 16 branch offices throughout Iran. Other provinces are also under the coverage through the sole agents of Alifard Company in each region.

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