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Job Description

-Investigate and monitor all units and practices of experts and production and pancaking personnel in order to comply with GMP principles in their activities and actions -Controlling all machines and devices in terms of calibration and quality of the GMP in order to apply them in order to achieve the company's quality objectives -Deploying and using a variety of tests and inspecting products and processes to evaluate their quality and performance -Inspection and control of the product specification (name of the drug, Drug number, Batch number.) To verify the appearance of the material in accordance with the standards and determine the date of re-testing -Checking and controlling the appearance Material bug history in order to comply with the guidelines and standards -Participation in the material weighing chamber to monitor and evaluate the quality of the processes in accordance with GMP guidelines and standards -Carry out tests on packaging products and materials in order to evaluate and control their quality and report to the superiors -Paste the green, red and yellow labels according to the position in the process and the results of the examinations on the batch and sample sheets in order to optimize the production of process and prevent the production of products in violation of standards -Analyze data from research conducted to detect and measure physical phenomena -Prepare daily, weekly and monthly progress and reports -Conduct routine and non-routine analyses of in-process materials, raw materials, environmental samples, finished goods, or stability samples -Compile laboratory test data and perform appropriate analyses -Perform visual inspections of finished products -Complete documentation needed to support testing procedures -Including data capture forms, equipment logbooks, or inventory forms


-Having a Bachelor's or Masters and higher in Chemistry (Organic, Physics and Biochemistry) and related disciplines Degree -At least 1 year of work experience (Ph.D.) -At least 3 years of work experience (MSc) -At least 5 years work experience (Bachelor) -Candidate must be computer proficient with Microsoft Office Applications, System contributors -Analysis and evaluation skills of systems -Time management skills and analytical thinking -Ability to perform problem solving -Listening skills and honesty -Oral Comprehension -Critical Thinking: using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems -Knowledge of laboratory tests - skills and innovation -Convincing Skills and Supervision -Near vision and quick perception -Oral Expression -Eager to learn

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