Quality Assurance Specialist - Qazvin

Quality Assurance Specialist - Qazvin

Job Description

Knowing the company's quality policy, understanding and ensuring that its subordinates learn, -To know the mission and vision of the company and do their part in the light of these, - To be in coordination and communication with all departments in order to implement the quality system and eliminate possible problems, - Preparing the Annual Internal Audit Plan and ensuring that the inspections are conducted on the dates determined in accordance with the plan, - Identify the unsuitable aspects of the system through Internal Audit studies, make a situation assessment and report to the Quality Management Representative, - To follow up the corrective and preventive activities initiated, - To analyze and direct the problems that may occur during production, - To control the practices related to ISO 9000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 documentation within the scope of quality department and to give related trainings, - To prepare and provide in-group and on-the-job trainings for quality department personnel. - To have quality awareness and to ensure quality work of subordinates, - To comply with and comply with occupational health and safety, fire safety, personnel regulations and environmental regulations and workplace instructions, - To inform the supervisor and the technical safety department about dangerous issues and incidents related to occupational health and safety, fire safety and environment, - To follow non-conforming products in the factory, non-conformities during the process, quality system and OHS system related problems within the QDMS program through a CPA or Internal Customer Complaint,  - Cheap Survived Event / Dangerous situations encountered in the department or factory; - To complete the aya Kazaya Ramak Kala Form Kaz and send it to the OHS Committee Member responsible for the unit or Occupational Safety Specialist, Occupational Safety Manager and Environmental Engineering,  - Responsible for carrying out the practices related to its own process and department in the FSC Procedure, - Performing other duties given by their commanders, - Acting in line with OHS documents prepared in accordance with the policies and methods of AGT, - Determining and applying the methods for minimizing the risks related to occupational health and safety in the activities carried out in the section, -To ensure that the people under the department in which they are responsible receive OHS orientation and on-the-job training, to have the necessary trainings and to determine the training need, - To inform the supervisor about the problems that may or may negatively affect AGT OHS performance and to work in coordination with the OHS unit when necessary, - To monitor and close the Regulatory and Preventive activities initiated in OHT related to OHS, - Opening and monitoring of regulatory and preventive activities in the QDMS program on non-conforming products within the factory, non-conformities during the process, quality, OSH system failures,


- Education Level Undergraduate degree from related departments of universities - Experience (Year): 2 years of experience in quality management systems - Foreign Language Knowledge English or Turkish - Computer Knowledge: MS Office ERP programs good

This position is no longer available.

About Company

500 employees or more

AGT started out with the dream of processing and developing wood products customized for individual and corporate requirements in 1984 in Antalya, is operating today as one of the leading companies of the world in furniture components sector. AGT serves for the furniture and decoration sector with its production of MDF, MDF-LAM, Panel, and Profile. Additionally, AGT serves for the construction industry with its production of flooring, door, wall panels and baseboard in its modern production facilities established on an area of 400 thousand square meters at the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. AGT is trend-setter and market leader in Iran and has recently opened its showroom in Tehran to continue its activities in Iran with more concentration.

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