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Python Developer

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Job Description

Ostadkar is looking for a skilled data scientist / analyst. This experienced professional will fulfill the following roles and responsibilities: - Work with skilled software developers and data analysts - Load multiple data sources (SQL and NOSQL) database, server logs, - Identify bugs/inconsistencies in data, clean data and communicate issues - Analyze and explore raw data - Find answers to key statistical questions that drive business decisions - Visualize data and findings - Develop visualization dashboard - Communicate findings to key stakeholders - Use machine learning to predict events - Develop machine learning algorithms for prediction - Work with textual data and develop NLP algorithms


The ideal candidate is a skilled and result-oriented data scientist or analyst. Candidate needs strong programming skills to perform data manipulation and analysis. This role has daily interactions with world-class data analysts experienced at Stanford and Google. She will also work with key people in marketing, operations and business teams. - Minimum 3 years of experience in data analytics - Strong database and data handling skills - Very strong python programming skills - Strong communication skills - General understanding of business - Experience in visualization - Experience in tech-start-ups is a huge plus. - Energetic, creative, problem solving character - Experience in machine learning is a plus