Purchasing Expert - Alborz

Purchasing Expert - Alborz

Job Description

-Sourcing and finding best local suppliers including trader or manufacturers -Responsible for purchasing negotiations with suppliers and preparing final proposal -Preparing periodic supplier’s evaluation -Prepare price comparison between best offers which they got from sources -Coordination with suppliers to deliver purchased item or services on required time -Arranging with logistic transportation team to get goods from suppliers and deliver it to the factory


-Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in a reputable university -Ability to work within deadlines and under pressure -Good command in Software's such as Microsoft tools (Word, Excel, and Power Point) -Being honest -Taking responsibility -Gender Preference: Female -Ideal Age Range: 25 - 35

This position is no longer available.

About Company

500 employees or more

Parand chocolate company, enjoying European knowledge, technology and modern machineries and using the highest quality raw materials and packaging, tries to deliver the highest quality products to esteemed customers. This company produces and delivers the following products in various flavours and packages with Farmand trademark. Simple and center filled chocolates Cocoa cream Dragee and Chocosmart- Ice cream Coating-Chocolate for centre filled cake Candy toffee -Ready jelly Drink and jelly powder. Optimizing the efficacy and quality, Parand chocolate Co. strives to satisfy regulatory requirement and to comply wide segments of society by manufacturing different products. Parand chocolate company is one of the biggest producers of confectionary and chocolate in Iran at the present time.

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