Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Manager

Job Description

- Planning and managing whole the Public Relations process - Managing entire announcements including internal and external ones - Proposing and establishing the Operational Branding Plans in order to enrich and improve the total image of brand - Establishing new accounts on platforms and managing all the contents on website, social media, internal magazine, etc. Also proposing operational plans to increase the visitors and followers of social networks such as Instagram, Linkedin, etc. - Managing and checking the Content Integrity through the social platforms and preparing the protocols for checking the unity of contents - Making and keeping the long-term relationships with newspapers, TV and other media, news agencies, etc. - Planning, managing and handling the seminars, forums, events and exhibitions related to the business, also whole the procedure of internal and external ceremonies and occasions - Managing and checking the process of printing and publication and propose plans in order to optimize the process - Building team for PR and leading it efficiently in order to amplify and improve the abilities and talents - Detecting the strength and blind points of the team and accomplish the restoration procedure in order to improve the total performance - Planning the goals and milestones for each member of the team and managing their performance periodically - Planning and handling the human resources recruitment needs and distinguishing their educational needs - Motivating the staff continuously - Reporting occasionally and periodically on processes and conclusions to the CEO


- At least 10 years of related experience in PR and PR Management - Excellent effective communication - Proficiency in Communication and Public Relations - Expertise in advertisement and bench marking the components - Knowledge of distinguishing efficient suppliers, corporations, etc. - Familiarity with Electronic Payment and POS devices - Ability to build a team and manage it in order to achieve the targeted goals - Ability to lead and coach the employees - Ability to work under pressure and onus to accomplish the projects on dead line - Age: 30-40 years - Related education and certificate is an advantage

This position is no longer available.

About Company

500 employees or more

Sepehr Electronic Payment is an active organization in the field of electronic payment systems and is the supplier of banking cards, instant card issuing printers and EFT-POS since 2007. Sepehr Electronic Payment has been certified the PSP (Payment Service Provider) by Iranian Central Bank. Also, it is one of the Corporate Companies of Saderat Bank of Iran (BSI). Now we provide Payment Service by the most command tools like Point of Sales, Internet Payment Gateway, USSD and etc. for large range of merchants in the country.

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