Public Relations & Communication Specialist

Cobel Darou

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Public Relations & Communication Specialist

Posted 4 Month ago

Job Description

• Create and execute comprehensive communications plans for announcing events and important news. • Manage company website and social media specially LinkedIn and provide fresh content for company website and social media in both Persian and English • Write, design and edit artwork for style, spelling, grammar and punctuation. • Provide announcement for high position new employees • Implement internal campaigns for special occasions and events. • Prepare or edit organizational publications, such as employee newsletters • Coordinate public responses to different incidents. • Confer with different units to produce or coordinate production of advertisements. • Coordinate all communication and public relations activities for the organization. • Produce press releases, public announcements, online updates via social media, and other PR communications materials. • Act as main point-of-contact with the media and manage all media relations. • Define and implement public communications strategies to positively affect public opinion.


• Bachelor degree in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations or related field • At least three years of experience in related fields • Experience in driving or influencing social media and digital strategies • Experience in producing, writing and editing multiple communications deliverables such as news and events • Ability to design artworks and announcement • Ability to work with design software including Photoshop and illustrator • Basic knowledge of web designing, html and CSS. • Effective knowledge of Office software • Effective communication skills • Fluent in English